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Advertising and Sponsored Content Policy

Advertising Policy

Twice As Good Media strives to provide realistic expectations of what an ad can expect to achieve in terms of impact, but cannot guarantee ad impressions or clicks.

We are committed to delivering credible, mindful journalism. Our content attracts readers who want to engage with the news more mindfully through a Black lens. We avoid sensationalism and clickbait material as a method of drawing readership, rather we focus on embodied, narrative stories that help readers stay engaged without burning out.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is content produced in collaboration with a business or non-profit which lives on the Twice As Good Media website, is sent to the Twice As Good Media email list, and/or is promoted alongside Twice As Good Media's own editorial content on any platform.

Sponsored content is clearly labelled anywhere it appears on Twice As Good Media domains.

Twice As Good Media’s editorial department is the sole creator of this content. Twice As Good Media may refuse publication of any content that undermines the integrity of its brand.

No political endorsements will be permitted.

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Jamie Larson